Our Fleet


Find out more about our wide range of vehicles


All of our cars are brand new 2017 models.
The brands are dependable and well maintained. During the
winter all our cars will be equipped with studded winter tires
for a safe journey.



Kia Picanto* 

The smallest in our fleet and good for city driving and checking out the area surrounding the capital. We don’t allow driving on gravel roads in this car since it would be bad for the car and your experience.Excellent choice, economical and a great ride.





Suzuki Swift*

This is a small car but it will serve you well. Great companion throughout the country although we don’t allow it in the highlands. Great for a budget weekend trip or those who travel lightly.




Kia Ceed*

You’ll be surprised how well this car performs. Smooth ride all the way. Want to get Away to all the major spots around the country, then this is your car. Economical, comfortable and easy to drive. We also offer this type of car as a sportswagon. More space for luggage. This car is not allowed in the highlands.




Suzuki Vitara*

We would always recommend this car. Plenty of space, economical, easy to drive and is 4x4. It is safe, great for winter driving or just if you want to explore those small gravel roads that are all over our beautiful country. It is not suitable for river crossings but it will take you almost everywhere else.




Kia Sportage*

Excellent luxury 4X4 vehicle that will take you almost anywhere. If you want a comfortable ride in a great car you will want to pick this one. Easily fits 5 persons plus luggage. You won’t regret getting this one for your adventure. It is not suitable for river crossings.



* or similar